The international policy context is constantly changing. There is a range of international developments that directly affect road transport, such as amended regulations on driving and rest times, cross-border posting, cabotage and fighting tachograph fraud. Ambitious plans are being developed by the European Commission with regard to sustainability (reducing CO2 and particulate matter emissions), innovation (self-driving trucks) and forms of pricing. And besides the Brexit, many other topics have been brought into discussion at a European level that directly affect the activities of the NIWO (and therefore the transporters).

The European Council and the European Commission have expressed this as follows: “Better organized administrative cooperation between Member States would improve the supervision of companies operating in different Member States and would reduce management costs in the future.

The NIWO has therefore developed this site. With this site, the NIWO intends to improve cooperation with the sister organizations by discussing the implementation and application of European and National legislation and regulations and to exchange information about "Good Practices".




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